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YouTube Censors Pro-Life Results After Abortion Activist Complains

December 29, 2018

YouTube downgraded pro-life videos in its search results this month after a pro-abortion writer complained about a lack of pro-abortion content.

April Glaser, an abortion activist and author at Slate, wrote a critical piece about the online media giant last week after she discovered that the top search results for “abortion” on YouTube were pro-life videos. She described the videos as a “horrifying mix of gore and dangerous misinformation.”

Soon afterward, YouTube responded by pushing pro-life videos down lower on the search results and pro-abortion videos up to the top. The downgraded videos included a former abortionist testifying to Congress about the gruesome, violent ways in which unborn babies are aborted, Live Action’s abortion procedure videos, a video of conservative speaker/writer Ben Shapiro defending the pro-life position, and another of a woman speaking about how deeply she regretted aborting her unborn baby, according to The Daily Wire.

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