Persecution in America

World's Tiniest Baby Ends Abortion Debate

June 3, 2019 our current state, I don't know if it really ends the debate, however it does help to propel the Pro-Life movement across the states.

The world's tiniest baby is born. The baby weighs less than an average size of an apple (only 8.6 ounces, half a pound). The baby was born at twenty-three weeks and has survived and is now going home happy and healthy. This raises some serious questions about the abortion debate that we've been having for weeks because where in many states in this country a baby could be killed. In many states people deny that that baby is a baby, but the baby was born, and the baby is now alive, and the babe proclaims that it is a baby at 23 weeks.

NBC News: "Tonight, an amazing announcement from San Diego. What doctors are calling the world's tiniest surviving baby, just eight point six ounces when she was born prematurely at twenty-three weeks. Well after five months in intensive care the little girl named, Saby, is now healthy and she's headed home. And we are so happy for her family.”

I'm shocked NBC admitted it was a baby.

Michael Knowles, during his 'The Michael Knowles Show" is quoted saying "Good thing for that baby that baby wasn't born in Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New York, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, or Virginia, to parents who wanted to kill it because if that had been the case she would be dead. It wouldn't even be admitted that she was a baby."

In all of these states, you can kill babies who are at least as old if not significantly older than this born baby. Those states pretend that the baby isn't a baby, but you just witnessed; you just saw it — the baby is a baby. This birth of the world's tiniest baby should end the abortion debate. But will it, or will it cause the left to go berserk?