Persecution in America

Who’s Next? Haman’s Next Move

November 8, 2018

You may have read the story of Haman, written in the Book of Esther in the Bible.  Haman was an advisor to the most powerful ruler of that time, the King of the Persian empire, Xerxes.  Haman became so drunk with power and glory that he instigated a scheme to destroy all the Jewish people living in the Persian empire because Mordecai the Jew would not bow to him.  He built a gallows that was 75 feet high to hang and make a mockery of Mordecai.  Haman then plotted to destroy all the Jewish people by promising the king equivalent to $150 million.  Money talks, and Xerxes, on hearing of this amount of money, without studying the issues, agreed to destroy the Jews.  Where was Haman planning to get treasure worth $150 million?  From the successful Jews whom he was plotting to kill.

Even though the Book of Esther was written about 2,500 years ago, to the disappointment of the evolutionists, people have not evolved into better and more just human beings.  Today, the modern Haman is alive and well in the modern empire of the world, the USA.  If history teaches us any lessons, this modern day Haman will not be satisfied with the blood of a few Russian Christians; he is planning to destroy them all. This modern-day Haman has been running around the country spying, plotting, scheming, and planting false information all to accuse those people who worship God and to destroy them.  His plan is grand, similar to the 75-foot gallows; he has planned with the puppets in the media to put on a show that the nation will not forget for decades.  He is planning to destroy entire families, churches, and groups of Russian Christian communities in the USA.

After the initial arrest of seven families, including the Babichenko family, this modern day Haman has more unpleasant surprises planned for the Russian community.  How could some in the government agree to this? Haman has promised large sums of money to the government coffers that he intends to take from his victims by force.

Like Mordecai, we are warning the Russian Christian community; please be ready. This Haman has terrible surprises planned for Christians and specifically Russian Christians in the near future.  Just like the Jewish nation at the time of Esther, the church needs to fast and pray that God will foil the plan of the evil group of individuals drunk with power.  Our God is mighty to stop all planned evil attacks against His people.  On Tuesday, November 20th, we are doing a nationwide day of fasting and prayer.  Please join us to pray about your families and children, that God will foil the plan of this modern day Haman and protect His church.