Persecution in America

Virginia teacher punished for refusing to use transgender student’s preferred pronouns

December 7, 2018

Peter Vlaming, a teacher in the State of Virginia who teaches French at West Point High School, was put on administrative leave for using feminine pronouns toward a female student that believes she is a male.

The school's administration is requiring Mr. Vlaming to play along and pretend that a student born a woman has now morphed into a real man. If Charles Darwin were still alive, he would have been fascinated by the rapid evolution of human species which by mere willpower can now morph back and forth between female and male sexes. Mr. Vlaming was informed that his old fashion, common sense speech was no longer acceptable in a public school and he was now required to go through his own cognitive evolution. He was expected to refrain from using female pronouns toward the female student that was transformed into a male if he wanted to keep his job.

Since Mr. Vlaming refused to engage in self-deceptive behavior and go along with the mass delusion of our times, he is not welcome to teach at a public school. Christian parents, please make a priority to pull your children out of these mass brainwashing institutions before you lose your posterity to satans deception. Great alternatives you should consider are Classical Chrisitan Schools or homeschooling.

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