Persecution in America

"Unviable tissue mass" was born at 21 weeks and became a healthy baby

May 7, 2019

At the very same time that Leftist Democrats are foaming at the mouth with excitement over their newfound “freedom” to murder innocent human life even after birth, a couple from the United Kingdom is celebrating the recent birth of their extremely premature baby girl Isabella, who miraculously survived the birthing process and is now thriving, despite being born at just 24 weeks gestation.

According to reports, Ryan Evans and Kim Brown of Tewkesbury Village didn’t expect their precious child to survive, let alone develop into a normal and healthy baby girl. That’s because young Isabella was born smaller than a packet of baby wipes, and weighed a mere 12 ounces – her tiny hands being no bigger than a penny.

But God apparently had another plan in mind, blessing the couple with a highly-successful, against-all-odds birth so inspiring that it’s now making global headlines. And in the process, little Isabella’s successful birth is also highlighting the undeniable fact that unborn “fetuses,” as Leftists love to call them, are actual human babies – though some of them, sadly, are being shamelessly murdered while still inside the womb as an act of “women’s health” and “reproductive rights.”

Though baby Isabella’s chances of survival were early on declared to be just five percent, she somehow defied the predictions of medical professionals. And the kicker is that she was delivered via caesarean before the legal cut-off point for getting an abortion in the U.K. – meaning Isabella easily could have been aborted, had her parents not had the decency to give her a chance.

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