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TV Networks deny advertising for movie exposing Planned Parenthood

March 28, 2019

The “Unplanned” movie, scheduled to open Friday, was filmed largely under cover of anonymity because it’s about Planned Parenthood’s abortion business.

And it’s been given an “R” rating, not because of any nudity, violence or mature language, but because it’s about the violence of abortion.

Its makers were denied permission by a publisher to use certain music because of the subject.

Now the movie makers are fighting decisions by several networks to refuse it advertising time.

The networks include the Hallmark Channel, Up TV, Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network.

A online petition allows people to express support for the movie.

“We call upon … channels Up TV, Hallmark and Lifetime to stop censoring this film and allowing it to advertise on their channels,” the petition states.

The Washington Times reported the opposition to the movie.

The film tells the remarkable story of Abby Johnson, a Planned Parenthood officer manager who fled the abortion industry after being called to help perform an abortion.

Starring Ashley Bratcher as Johnson, the movie is scheduled to open nationwide March 29.

Co-writer and co-director Chuck Konzelman said the film has allies such as like 40 Days for Life and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, who helped fund it. Lindell has a cameo in the film.

Oscar-winning producer Gerald Molen of “Schindler’s List” and “Hercules” actor Kevin Sorbo led a list of dozens of Hollywood leaders protesting the the Motion Picture Association of America’s “R” rating.

“It was given the R rating for political reasons, unless Hollywood is willing to admit that the 20-second scene they had objection to is only disturbing because it reflects the killing of a child,” said Blaze TV founder Glenn Beck, a signatory of the letter.

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