Persecution in America

They Just Can't Let Go of Masterpiece Cake Shop

June 11, 2019

Masterpiece Cake Shop of Colorado, which has been a lot in the news lately, is again under fire for the third time for discriminating against a customer by refusing to make a cake for an unspecified event.

Jack Phillips, as we reported previously, has won at the United States Supreme Court after he sued Colorado's human rights commission for violating his religious liberties and punishing him for his beliefs.

But the human rights commission just can't let go Jack Phillips, they intend on punishing him for his "crimes," and that he had the audacity to sue them back and win.

According to CBS's Denver affiliate "The latest lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Denver District Court on behalf of Autumn Scardina by attorneys Paula Greisen and John McHugh," the outlet reports.

Scardina is the same woman who filed the previous lawsuit alleging discrimination after Masterpiece Cakeshop denied her request. She's an activist who is determined to ruin Jack Phillips for not kneeling down before her anti-Christian radicalism.

In his previous suit Philips won on a narrow margin so lawsuits against him are going to keep coming until the narrative can change and make a successful lawsuit against Philips. It's a two pronged attack on private ownership of business and the Christian culture war.

Buttigieg may be able to move the meter by his claims that there is no conflict between Christianity and homosexuality so they can claim Philips is discriminating based off personal or homophobic bias.

Once Philips falls, leftist activists in and out of government can then have more leverage in painting Christians as homophobic bigots and undermine western values, possibly undermine the sustainability of church and charity organizations through taxes, regulation and cultural appeal. They will also be able to have more say in what people can and cannot do with their businesses as at that point they can claim them as public spaces for the good of the community.

Newsweek reports that the baked goods at the center of Scardina's previous complaints to Colorado authorities included a "cake to celebrate Satan's birthday," with "cheesecake frosting" that would feature "a large figure of Satan, licking a 9” black actual working model, that can be turned on before we unveil the cake."

Phillips said then that he believes Scardina regularly requests objectionable cakes from his bakery, including cakes with pentagrams and upside-down crosses.

Scardina's previous lawsuit, based on claims Phillips made during the original same-sex wedding cake litigation that he would make "any" cake for an LGBT customer except for a wedding cake, was dropped back in September of last year, after Phillips agreed to drop his own discrimination case against the state of Colorado, according to Colorado Public Radio.

At a certain point there needs to be a punishment for blatantly frivolous lawsuits. All of these individuals attempting to file suit against this baker need to be either fined so much that people quit pulling this stunt or jailed. This is beyond ridiculous at this point. Clearly the cake shop is being harassed. They should sue them for harassment and he should get a restraining order against them. That way, if the activist comes within 500 feet of the bakery, she can be arrested.