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There is Nothing Weak About True, Biblical Repentance

March 19, 2019

Hidden somewhere deep within our biological make-up is an ardently stubborn gene which makes it almost impossible for us to freely admit when we are wrong and need to change our ways. Stubbornness, mixed with a fair dose of pride, means that a healthy habit of repentance is extremely difficult to attain, let alone maintain. Too often, we think it is weak to apologize, to admit you were in the wrong, and to vow to change direction. The reality, however, is that true repentance does not demonstrate weakness, but strength.

For men, exercising repentance can be excruciatingly difficult. Indeed, through years of cultural molding, the male psyche is geared towards thinking that to be vulnerable is to admit to being wrong, and to be wrong is utterly mortifying. When actually, the reality is very different: there is nothing more manly than true, biblical repentance.

Repentance requires immense strength
Because it contradicts everything within our human nature, repentance requires a huge amount of effort.

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