Persecution in America

The Satanic Temple Cleared to Enter Arkansas 10 Commandments Lawsuit

December 31, 2018

The Satanic Temple has been allowed to enter the lawsuit challenging the 10 Commandments monument at the state Capitol on the ground that refusal of its request to install a Baphomet monument was a violation of their constitutional equal protection right.

Federal Judge Kristine Baker granted the request to intervene by the Satanic Temple and two of its representatives, Douglas Misciko and Erika Robbins. She said the Satanic Temple had demonstrated an injury—making it more difficult for a member of one group to obtain a benefit than members of another group.

The court said "Essentially, as the Court understands the allegations of the proposed amended complaint in intervention, the proposed intervenors allege that both of these statutory enactments denied the Satanic Temple an equal opportunity to compete with the Ten Commandments Monument regarding placement upon the State Capitol grounds. Accordingly, the Court finds that the Satanic Temple has sufficiently demonstrated an equal protection injury in-fact based upon a denial of an equal opportunity to place the Baphomet Monument on the State Capitol grounds."

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