Persecution in America

The Reward of Suffering

February 12, 2021

Today Christians are tested worldwide both literally and virtually. Mocked in media, banned or cancelled by social media, belittled by the academy and corporate world, even forbidden to practice their faith by governments in the West. Physical persecution of Christians is ongoing elsewhere. Pain and suffering is bad, right? So why do Warrior Saints call suffering a reward? Because like a baby leaves a safe world for an insecure one when born, we are born into a new hope with the promise of a perfect existence granted by God’s grace in Heaven, the Kingdom of God. To get there, we first live in a world where we are tested by fire – the fire of suffering. Suffering tests our faith and courage to act. Strong warriors fight through the fire, to the reward of victory. Christ has called us to face these trials. Watch to learn how Saint Peter clearly explains it in this week’s last video. When you Like, Comment, or Share any of our videos it helps us encourage other Christians. Have a blessed weekend! – Your Warrior Saints Team


Credit to Warrior Saints