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The Longest Ever Government Shutdown Could Revive the US Economy

January 20, 2019

The partial federal government shutdown on Monday dragged into its 31st day. Eight hundred thousand workers are without pay, airport security is significantly delayed, and national parks are mostly unattended.  We are being told that If this shutdown continues, the negative effects will only widen. Could it be that these so-called negative effects will be positive for the US economy? As of today, no deal to reopen the government is in sight as President Donald Trump is requesting more than $5 billion to fund his border wall and Democrats lead by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are denying his request.

President Trump knows it’s an opportunity of a lifetime to give a needed jolt to the US economy. The US financial system through taxation and endless regulation has become a burden to its citizens and businesses.  The short term pain of the shutdown for the bloated US government might help shrink the federal agencies by forcing tens of thousands of their former employees to seek jobs in the privet sector.

If the shutdown continues into March, many of the US 22% who receive government assistance will be forced to seek employment. With the December unemployment rate at 3.9%, job seekers should find a market that is ready to pay for their labor and skills. Trump understands this government shutdown will have a chance to take people who are currently receiving government handouts and turn them into contributors to the US economy.

Democrats are sounding panic alarms. They realize if this shutdown continues, their voting base will be forced to enter the workforce and start paying taxes.  Once the newly employed democrats realize how heavily they are being taxed, many of them will begin modifying their voting behaviors by switching to the Republican ticket. This voting change might spell disaster for the Democratic party by dramatically shrink their needed voting base.

Mr. President, please continue this government shutdown. It might be your best tool to reduce the size of our government.  If successful, you will be remembered as the President who was successful in shrinking the size of the US government by showing strong leadership and giving our economy a needed fresh start.