Persecution in America

The Holocaust and abortion of innocent children have this in common

January 6, 2019

Watch the Video:

The Holocaust of the Jews and The Holocaust of innocent aborted children have a lot in common. Watch this film and see the similarities. What are you doing today to protect the innocent?

The Holocaust of abortion is right outside the door. For 46 years, the church has largely been “singing,” that is, doing other things so that they don’t have to hear the cries of the unborn. Can Christians really ignore this tragedy? Can real Christians continue to turn away from the slaughter of innocent lives? How far will the church go to avoid the shedding of innocent blood?

Now is the time. 2019 is the year. Forty-six years is way too long. The church needs to stop singing and quit hiding. We need to get up out of our pews and speak out. Take a stand for life. Sixty-one million lives have been lost.

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