Persecution in America

The former head of the Federal Bureau of Imagination James Comey says Trump might be indicted after his presidency is over 

May 10, 2019

Previously presiding over the world’s leading department of intelligence fabrication, James Comey claims that he believes that president Trump has committed crimes and will likely be indicted after he leaves the office.  It is painful to watch the former leader of the FBI displaying such total incompetence and willful negligence.  James Comey and his accomplices need to be held accountable for their negligent behavior and the abdication of professional duties owed to the American people. These agents had squandered tens of millions of dollars often on each case, gathering so-called evidence that was nothing but enormous balloons filled with hot air. Cases such as the Trump Russian collusion investigation and the USA vs. Babichenko are an embarrassment and confirmation of the willful attack against the interests of the American people by these agents.  How many incompetent Federal Bureau of Imagination agents were hired under this former leader? We the American people need to demand that these agents be examined and held accountable for fabricating information.

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