Persecution in America

Our Constitution cannot protect our Religious Liberties

December 6, 2018

Most Christians feel that as long they have the Constitution on their side; specifically, the First and the Second Amendments, they will be protected. Many Christians today are of the belief that the real persecution in America will come when the Constitution gets abolished by a future rogue government with no respect and reverence for the Constitution.

If we are still waiting for such a period, we are too late, because this period has arrived.

The Constitution of the United States has, for the most part, been neutered or subverted by the Social Justice and Political Correctness led by LGBTQ and Progressives. They gave us such laws as "hate speech" and such doctrines as "tolerance" and "equality." In many factions of our society — colleges, corporations, and public sector — certain protections of the constitution do not exist anymore. While we Christians may think that we are making progress because we have Trump's back, we are losing on every front but politically. We are losing our influence in our culture, media, educational system, science, and in the entertainment industry. We are no longer at a point where we can gain that lost power back, at this point we are only trying to hold the line from the barbarians who are storming our is just a matter of time.

The Constitution of the United States was written for the moral people as John Adams once said,

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

The secular wing of our country hates the Constitution, for the same reason they hate the Ten Commandments, and views it not as a liberating document, but an obstruction; a piece of a relic that limits their power to control our freedoms. It limits progressives' ability to transform this country into their image which is why they are adamant on subverting it via Political Correctness. As our nation continues to become increasingly secular and pagan, the Constitution is becoming inadequate to protect the rights of Christians, and if this downward spiral continues, the writing is on the wall.

Even though the Constitution is understood to be the Supreme Law of the Land, however, through the cunning tactics of the Progressive movement the Constitution has been so watered-down that it has lost its ability to decisively protect our religious rights without ending in a court trial.  How would one explain owners of bakeries being fined, teachers being fired, and preachers being jailed for professing their faith, or for merely standing up against the assault on their faith? Our Constitution was written by people who had respect for life, respect for others, and who had a fear of God. Today, however, our secular society sees the Constitution as an obstacle to be circumvented, to be worked around in order to transform this country into Socialism. So, if you are relying on this document to protect your religious liberties in an increasingly secular society that hates God and see this document as an obstacle, you are fooling yourself.

We as a nation like to boast that our country was founded on Christian principles, yet through subversive tactics, progressives have found a way to use the Constitution to legalize abortion and same-sex marriage. Our country is growing increasingly tolerant to the evilest of sins.  The Bible has existed for thousands of years; the Constitution hasn't existed a quarter of a century. If the progressives are bold enough to reinterpret God's Word the Bible within our churches, will they not succeed in reinterpreting our man-written Constitution?  Christians cannot continue to assume the Constitution will protect us. As we have already witnessed, progressives have found creative ways around the First Amendment through such laws as the "hate speech." You may ask, what's wrong with "hate speech" laws? Shouldn't hate be banned? Hate speech is a code word for Free Speech that anti-godly society disagrees with. Merely reading the verses from the Bible which condemns the homosexual lifestyle is today considered hate speech on most college campuses.

So, what are we to do?

Christians must turn to God and support one another. Paul and Silas weren’t freed from wrongful imprisonment because they took their jailers and prosecutors to court. They were released because they had Jesus Christ and a church that was unified and praying for them (Acts 16:16-40). The early church prayed, fasted, and visited one another. Early Christians supported one another, provided refuge for one another, and clothed one another. They loved one another as Christ commanded, and they trusted in the Lord with their whole hearts.