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Taking Church Right to the Gates of Hell: Pastor Plants Church Outside Planned Parenthood

February 7, 2019

Pastor Ken Peters of Covenant Church in Spokane, WA, believes the church is the only hope for ending abortion in America.

"We gotta put legs to our faith," Peters said during an interview on the CBN News Program, Prayer Link. "We've gotta find that balance between being mean and nasty and yelling, we've got to find the balance between that and doing nothing."

Peters explained how God presented him with that balanced way.

"I felt like the Lord say to me right in the middle of a church service I want your next church campus to be the Planned Parenthood Campus," he said. "A few months ago, we planted a church right there at Planned Parenthood."

It's called The Church at Planned Parenthood. Peters and members of his congregation go to the local Planned Parenthood and share a message of God's love and hope. They host a full service complete with a worship band and prayer teams.

"We're aware of all the rules and doing our best to stay within those, so the police are definitely there," Peters said. "They're watching. But we tell them we're not there to cause trouble. We're there to worship God. We're there to pray. We're there to preach the gospel."

Peters added that as news of his church has spread, other ministries are joining in.

"Our last service, we got about 65,000 people viewing in live on my personal Facebook feed," he said. "We had over 300 people there outside in the freezing cold, cars driving by. It's been unbelievable."

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