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Study defending pedophilia in academic journal

January 23, 2019

(LifeSiteNews) A man convicted in 2006 for distributing pornography showing the rape and torture of children has now written an article for a prominent academic journal in which he openly defends adult-child sexual acts.

If Christians are not convinced that Jesus is coming soon, nothing will wake them up. The sin of perversion has no bounds. Once the boundaries are broken, no one knows how far humanity will roll down the hill. God will soon stop this madness.

The article, which consists of a series of rationalizations for what is commonly known as child sex abuse, was accepted for publication by the journal Sexuality & Culture, a highly-ranked academic journal published by Springer Publishing Company, which publishes more than 2,700 academic journals.

Thomas O’Carroll, who has been imprisoned twice in Britain for his crimes, claims in the article that “(a) child–adult casual sexual pleasure as ‘play’ is morally permissible and (b) that child–adult sexual encounters, especially when they are part of a deeper relationship than might be suggested by the word ‘play’, need not be inimical to lives lived with the highest of ideals, and may indeed help define and contribute to those ideals.”

O’Carroll’s article is titled, “Childhood ‘Innocence’ is Not Ideal: Virtue Ethics and Child–Adult Sex.”

O’Carroll claims that the “evidence” gathered on “child sexuality” in fact “does not support the conventional wisdom of childhood innocence...and does indicate that mutually desired child–adult sexual relations are not intrinsically harmful and may be beneficial.”

He argues that ethical sex acts don’t have to be motivated by love, and can simply be manifestations of selfish desire, claiming that “attempts to bind ethical sex to love have been found wanting for many reasons...Lust without love, for instance, has been portrayed as selfish and inconsiderate, but this does not follow logically.”

O’Carroll also points to the “research” of other scholars, who claim that there is “a continuing and largely unmet need for bodily intimacy, including free sexual expression, throughout childhood and the teen years,”

Child sex abuse victim: article ‘makes me want to dispense knuckle sandwiches’

Moira Greyland, whose harrowing account of the sexual abuse committed against her by her pedophilia-advocating parents became an Amazon bestseller last year, told LifeSiteNews that the O’Carroll article “makes me want to dispense knuckle sandwiches.”

“It is as though he was eating a hamburger and claiming the cow enjoyed it,” added Greyland.

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