Persecution in America

Should Christian’s Trust The Government?

November 19, 2018

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Ronald Regan once said that the most terrifying words in English are, “I am from the government, and I am here to help.” The president of the United States himself was afraid of the government. He understood that the government was not our friend and had to be kept at bay. Regan understood if the government was unleashed and allowed to grow, it would be the source of injustice, trampling on our rights. One of the greatest presidents was a champion of small government.

I’m surprised when I find many Christians in love with their government as though it is the source of all truth. These Christian believers love and trust their government with all their hearts, putting it on a pedestal above the teachings of Christ. They forget that throughout history it is the governments that persecuted believers. They forget that there are corrupt factions within our government who have personal evil agendas and stand against the most valuable beliefs we Christians hold dear.

Ask yourself these few questions:

If life is the most precious gift a person has on this earth, is it not the leftist groups within our government, with the help of activist Judges, who authorize the killing of millions of unborn children? Should Christians trust other decisions coming out of the mouths of such judges?

Does not a strong, God fearing family, with a loving mother and father, the best gift a child can receive? However, is it not the leftist groups within our government that attempt to convince us that marriage, as defined by God, is not an institution that warrants protection? Is it not these people within our government that are on a mission to destroy marriage, family and any group that opposes them? The supreme court in Obergefell v. Hodges has authorized same-sex marriage. Do we agree with their logic? Should we trust these judges with decisions involving Christians?

Is it not the leftist groups in our government that try to convince us that transgender bathrooms are safe? I remember going to eat out with my children at a restaurant. My oldest daughter, who was 6-years-old at the time, wanted to use the restroom. Since we could see the bathroom door, we told her she could go ahead. A few seconds later my daughter ran out of the bathroom with a horrified look and said, “Daddy, there is a man in the bathroom.” I was shocked, my daughter was also afraid and could not use the bathroom. I asked my wife to go to the restroom and see if it was safe, and sure enough, there was a man there. What was the man doing in a ladies bathroom? Going forward, should we let our young daughters go to the restroom alone? Maybe this is one of the reasons girls have an instinct to go to the bathroom with their friends. In one article, CNN tried to reduce the fear of many parents by writing “Anti-discrimination protections covering gender identity have been around for years, and there is no evidence they lead to attacks in public facilities.” Does this explanation from CNN make our daughters safe? Christian Post reports that “a new study documents an increase in sexual violence incidents at Target stores since the company officially announced two years ago that men who identify as female can enter women's bathrooms and changing rooms.” The same study also reported that “Thirty-four percent of all the incidents involved minors. All the offenses were perpetrated by males and almost all of the victims were female.” Do we agree with the left factions of our government that it is safe for men and girls to use the same bathrooms? Can we blindly trust these same government officials when they speak against Christians and file lawsuits against them?

We know that there are corrupt people within our government that continuously mislead us. Why do we believe these officials when they continually slander our fellow Christian brothers and sisters? Regan once said, “Government is not a solution to our problems. It is a problem.” People wake up. There are plenty of people within our government who love evil, these people have evil agendas against Christians and use their positions to charge God-fearing leaders with fabricated crimes to destroy their credibility and shut their voices that speak against sin.

Christians, please choose your views carefully. Choose wisely whom you side with against your fellow brethren. You are often not in possession of accurate information and facts. If you’re not careful, you might find yourself siding with people who are friends with evil. For myself, I chose to always side with Godly people.

We miss you, Ronald.