Persecution in America

Short Biography About Senior Pastor Gennady

November 15, 2018

Gennady Babichenko is the Senior Pastor at a Russian Evangelical Church based in Boise, a mantle which he took from his father. Gennady was born into a Christian home of Stanislav Babichenko, a former Pastor of Morning Star Christian Church and is a grandson of well-known Christian leader Nicolai Goretoy, who led the fight for immigration of persecuted Christians in the former Soviet Union to the United States.

Beyond his ministerial calling, he is a practicing denturist and owns a Dental Laboratory. Gennady is working on his Master’s of Arts specializing in Bible & Theology from the Liberty University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Pre-Medicine from Boise State University.

Gennady loves working and spending time in the church. He believes wholly in preaching and teaching the word of God, and just as importantly, believes that we must abide by its doctrines. As a former youth pastor, he loves working with young people and encourage them to stay firm in faith and find their way in life.  Ultimately, he craves above all things to open the hearts of people to experience the freedom of liberty, restoration, and healing in Christ.

Gennady is happily married to Yaroslavna Babichenko. They have been blessed with five young children, three boys, and two girls.