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Shock Claim: Belief in Aliens will soon replace faith in GOD

June 5, 2019

A BELIEF in aliens could soon replace religious beliefs, as more people are convinced of the existence of aliens than a God, according to one US professor who has authored a new book called American Cosmic.

The book deals with why humans chose to believe in the supernatural, and how we use gods and aliens to explain the unexplainable.

In an interview with Vox, professor Pasulka explained how the paradigm is shifting from one to another. This is because, according to Pasulka no proof of God has been discovered in human history, while alien life could one day be confirmed.

Pasulka further makes this claim:

“I’m a historian of Catholicism, for instance, and what I find when I interact with people in Catholic communities is that they have faith that Jesus walked on water and that the Virgin Mary apparitions were true. But there’s something different about the UFO narrative. Here we have people who are actual scientists, like Ellen Stofan, the former chief scientist at NASA, who are willing to go on TV and basically make announcements like, ‘We are going to find extraterrestrial life'.  So that gives this type of religiosity a far more powerful bite than the traditional religions, which are based on faith in things unseen and unprovable. But the belief that UFOs and aliens are potentially true, and can potentially be proven, makes this a uniquely powerful narrative for the people who believe in it."

We know that the scientific community at large has been seriously considering Panspermia -- the idea that aliens seeded life on earth. The reason why the scientific community at large is entertaining such preposterous theory is because the theory of evolution has run its course and can no longer answer most pressing questions about origins of our universe and origins of life. Punting it to extraterrestrials takes the burden away from explaining how everything came from nothing 14 billion years ago. But also avoids dealing with the question of God. Now you can say, that aliens created us, not God.

Anybody who studied demonology knows that aliens are nothing more than repackaged ancient gods/demons that are presented in a new way to our scientifically and skeptical inclined generation. Anybody who is interested to learning more about UFO's and aliens from a Christian perspective should watch this video below:

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There has been intense mainstream push by Hollywood and the scientific establishment to convince people that aliens exist. It is all muddled with the superheroes saving humanity from evil alien forces trying to invade us and defeat us. Could it be that the return of the Nephilim would be equated with the invasion of aliens? We are certainly entering intense times of deception and we should beware what it all means.