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'Satan doesn't bother those who aren't a threat' - A Sermon by Craig Groeschel

July 1, 2019

Life Church Senior Pastor Craig Groeschel is sounding a trumpet in his latest sermon to Christians that Satan “doesn’t bother those who aren’t a threat."

When we start doing God's work, real work, there is a guarantee that an opposition from Satan will show up. “Don’t be surprised when you face opposition. Don’t ever be surprised when you take a step of faith and you see your enemy push back, because advancement invites opposition.”

Satan does not care or bother with those who are not a threat to him. If you are going about your life and everything goes smooth sailing, you have to stop and think, am I in God's will? Do I fulfill God's wishes? Is my service really that important? Does satan see my job as a threat? If he does not, then it is time to rethink your value and your service that you do before God.

If Satan see that “you’re walking his way, doing his will, he’s going to leave you alone completely,” Craig said. “But the moment you step out and try to honor God, flags go up all over hell and demons are released to go and stop you from doing what you know God put on your heart.”

“Expect spiritual opposition when you do the will of God,” Groeschel asserted. “Satan tries to oppose the work of God.”

You can live an easy life free of any opposition. Many Christians, in fact, have already chosen that path. They don't oppose abortion, or any of the cultural rot that is going before them. They conform to the world to look cool, hip and "with the times." Why would Satan spoil this for many Christians? He wouldn't, he will keep them just where they are at.

“Go to church if you want, but whatever you do, don’t engage, don’t you dare pray, don’t serve, don’t give, don’t care about the things of God. You can do some spiritual things, enough to make you feel good, but not enough to make a real difference, because the moment you step out of your comfort zone and seek the God of Heaven and try to represent His love and do something significant, the Devil tries to step in to stop you from doing the work of God.”

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