Persecution in America

Democratic Governor Speak Out Against Corruption In the Justice System

February 25, 2020


Maybe you're a doubter of government corruption because it was President Trump who spoke about it. Equipped with hundreds of years of experience, government officials have become extremely skillful in hiding corruption from the public. Since the US Justice System relies on the jury to deliver a guilty verdict, prosecutors have become experts at manipulating the jury and the political process and delivering themselves a 97% guilty verdict success rate. These are success numbers only heard of in communist countries and those of dictators who hold local and international law hostage to their corrupt practices.  A democrat governor Rod Blagojevich has experienced the prosecutorial corruption in his life. Many politicians do not fully understand the extent of prosecutorial corruption until they personally felt it themselves. However, this realization often comes too late, as their reputation is in tatters and there is little they can do to reform the government corruption after their sentence is served.

The prosecutors are experts at manipulating the minds of a jury that is mainly made up of ordinary folks. In most cases, the corrupt prosecutors manipulate the defense team, not releasing critical information that would deliver an innocent verdict to their victim. Additionally, prosecutors and even the judges invest in prison stocks and benefit financially from seeking and giving long prison terms. Could anyone imagine a bigger level of systematic government corruption that is intertwined into the state and federal judicial system to allow financial incentives to prosecutors and judges? Also, what kind of justice system that purports to be just, allows prosecutors the full control of evidence against their victims?

Significant reforms are needed in the Federal and State justice system.  Here are four policy ideas that would help reform the broken justice system.  First, all the evidence against a defendant should be controlled by a third party agency that should operate independently from the State or Federal government. Both the prosecutors and the defense should be required to access the information in a similar fashion.

Additionally, prosecutors that are found to have manipulated any evidence, facts, or withheld information, should automatically be liable to serve 10% of the jail or prison term their victim had served. This law would sober up many prosecutors and help them think twice before being tempted by any financial or political incentive toward corrupt actions.

Set up independent audit groups, members of which are unknown to prosecutors or the defense. The groups would be made up of ordinary citizens that randomly review 10% of all State and Federal cases. This team should have access to all evidence to determine if any foul play has taken place from the side of the government, and send their finding to an independent court that would help reverse any unjust convictions and hold corrupt prosecutors accountable.

Also, it should be immediately made illegal for anyone involved in the judicial process to own stocks in any companies involved in the operation of or supply of products to the prison system.