• Four Thoughts on Persecution in America

    Kevin DeYoung

    With the release of Rod Dreher’s The Benedict Option and the rescinding of Tim Keller’s Princeton prize, conservative Christians are once again going back and forth about how much we are or are not persecuted in this country. Here are four thoughts:

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  • Princeton Seminary Reforms Its Views on Honoring Tim Keller

    The most popular Reformed preacher and author in America today is not eligible to receive Princeton Theological Seminary’s annual award in Reformed theology and public witness. The mainline seminary reversed its decision to honor Tim Keller with a prize following outcry over the pastor’s conservative positions.

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  • Christian Persecution in America

    What we’re experiencing now is growing religious persecution in our country. Those with anti-Christian values have considerable power through the media and are using it to eradicate traditional Christian values and presence. This cannot be tolerated. But how do we solve the problem?

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