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Resist delusions? Calling you kids by their birth name? Delusional judges may have you arrested

May 7, 2019

A case we’ve been reporting on in Western Canada has taken another turn for the worse, as the Supreme Court of British Columbia recently ruled that parents who refuse to use the “correct” gender pronouns chosen by their “transgender” children will now be considered guilty of committing “family violence.”

Justice Francesca Marzari issued an official order of protection towards this end, stating that a father whom the courts are referring to as “Clark” for his privacy and protection will be subject to immediate arrest if he in any way tries to “persuade” his biological daughter “Maxine” to “abandon treatment for gender dysphoria.” “Clark” will also be arrested if he refers to “Maxine” either by her birth name, or “as a girl or with female pronouns,” either “directly or to third parties.”

BC police officers won’t even have to obtain a legal warrant in order to arrest “Clark” for any of these “infringements,” as Marzari has decreed that his arrest may occur “immediately” and “without warrant” by any police officer “who has reasonable and probable grounds” to enforce her anti-parental rights ruling.

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The Canadian government now has more authority over children than their own parents do demonstrating the ideologically-motivated nature of Marzari’s decision, in-depth reports reveal that she took particular issue with “Clark’s” refusal to succumb to his biological daughter’s pronoun wishes during not only private interactions, but also public ones.

According to Jeremiah Keenan from The Federalist, Marzari appears to have gotten emotionally riled up over “Clark’s” “continued willingness to provide interviews to the media … in which he identifies [Maxine] as female, uses a female name for [Maxine] … and expresses his opposition to the therapies [Maxine] has chosen – even though “Maxine” is an underage child who is still under the guidance and authority of her parents.

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