Persecution in America

Red light, green light

February 25, 2019

While God calls us to stand in the “personal” gap for others, creating that divine connection, there are times when God wants us to also stand in the “cultural” gap for truth.

If you would’ve told us two years earlier we’d be called haters for saying a man should use the men’s restroom, we would have told you it was more likely for the Dallas Cowboys to change their colors to green and gold and replace the star on their helmets with a big “G.” Not a chance!

While we don’t doubt some people have mixed feelings about their gender, redefining an entire system of reality isn’t the answer. And while we love those who struggle with these issues, we also cannot sit silently as society disconnects from reality. That would be like changing traffic laws to fit peoples’ choice rather than holding to an objective standard. “If you feel like red means ‘go’ then go! If you feel like green means ‘stop’ then stop!”

Unfortunately, many Christians have “abandoned the roads” for fear of offending someone or being called something they are not. But God is calling believers back, to stand in the gap and re-connect His truth to a disconnected world. He’s calling us to live out His prayer “thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN” for our nation. God raised Deborah in her generation, as well as Nehemiah in his – both were provoked to take action and did so boldly. And yet both were motivated by love – a love for God that compelled them to stand in the gap whatever the cost.

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