Persecution in America

Pray for these brothers who are in prison

December 25, 2018

While we are today celebrating Christmas with our families and friends around a warm fireplace and a dinner table full of food, with our hearts thankful to our God that watches over us. Let us remember that at this very moment, there are small children with tear-filled eyes crying to God for their Christian daddy’s and mommy’s that were unjustly accused by tongues that share the same spirit of deception with the wife of Potiphar and with the agenda of Haman. Each tear these innocent children shed before their heavenly Father is carried to the throne of God by their angels, and each tear has a price of a princess diamond which is gathered into golden vials and will not go unanswered. God will one day pour out his wrath on the unjust, all the corrupt officials unless they repent. Let us, who make up the body of Christ, with broken hearts, remember our brethren in today's prayers. Pray for these brothers who are in prison and their families, facing sentencing or are under investigation. We might not realize how quickly the time may come when we might find ourselves in their position, thus we must be brave and pray.

  • Gennady and Paul Babichenko -
  • Todd Engel -
  • Francis Schaeffer Cox -
  • Zodhiates -
  • Ramin Parsa, the former Muslim Christian pastor -
  • President Donald Trump
  • Peter Vlaming -
  • David Jang -
  • Jack Phillips -
  • Judge Nelson - West Virginia Circuit Judge -
  • Ken Paxton - Attorney General of Texas -
Babichenko Brothers who are still in jail

Gennady and Paul (currently in jail)