Ken Paxton

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, the state’s top lawman, has been indicted in 2015 on three lawful offenses claiming securities law violations. This case has delayed for a long time as investigators continue to maneuver and collude to bring about a desired outcome. The purpose is to disqualify this conservative Christian man from being the state’s top lawyer. But Paxton remains popular and well-funded in Texas, where a Democrat hasn’t been elected to statewide office in two decades. Voters were well aware of the cloud of allegations surrounding Paxton, but they still chose to elect him, and that does not bide well with the rivaling political machine which is trying to subvert the will of the people and get to their desired outcome, that is to remove Paxton from office.

“The main worthy reaction to the present arraignment of Attorney General Ken Paxton is his resignation.The state’s most noteworthy law implementation officer must be held to the most noteworthy guidelines of direct. Ken Paxton’s conduct precludes him from filling in as Texas’ best cop.”

– the Austin watchdog said in a composed explanation.

Paxton is blamed for urging financial specialists in 2011 to put more than $600,000 into an innovation organization, Servergy Inc. He did as such, as per the charges, without telling the financial specialists that he was making a commission on their speculation. Also, he is affirmed to have distorted himself as a speculator in the organization.

If indicted, Paxton could look up to 99 years in jail.

In the Wall Street Journal piece in August, the publication board makes reference to an archive the board had seen how the case is simply a political witch-hunt. That archive, AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC FOR THE FIRST TIME HER is a Motion to Dismiss which Judge Gallagher denied and obstructed the public from seeing. This report leaves the peruser with a total comprehension of precisely how and why this case is simply a political witch-hunt.

The document claims: “The Grand Jury Materials and description of the grand juror notes reveal the Indictment was procured after significant procedural misconduct, pervasive material omission, and the misstatements of law and fact by pro tem attorneys.”

These include:

  • “Distorting the date by which grand jurors should calculate the legal time limit”
  • “Omitting to instruct the grand jurors that, as a matter of law, Paxton did not have to register with the State Securities Board because the entity that he worked under, Mowery Capital Management, was itself federally registered.”
  • “Making the false assertion, without evidentiary support, that Paxton knew that certain divulgence records produced by Mowery Capital Management were backdated and falsified.”
  • “Misleading the grand jury as to the proper legal standard for seeking a criminal indictment versus administrative action.”
  • “APermitting Judge Oldner to be available in the grand jury room and to put forth inappropriate expressions previously the grand jury.”

Every one of these charges is risky all alone, in their totality they demonstrate the indictment was a set-up from the beginning.

This Motion to Dismiss ought to never have been sealed. The lengths to which judge Oldner went to seal the indictment, as well as cover the tracks of his activities is mind blowing. We have discovered that Oldner was in the jury room impacting the individuals in the jury. This conduct isn’t just fishy – it is in direct infringement of Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. The way that the jury took notes and those notes were later investigated by the two sides, is a fascinating matter. Evidently, in light of those notes, Oldner led them to conclude it was an “uncommon case” with “reasonable justification for unlawful exercises” and required a “DA recusal”.  The judge, or any other individual, is disallowed from affecting the grand jury. Basically – the motion claims Judge Oldner’s was not supposed to be present in the room, and that by itself was sufficient enough evidence to dismiss the case.

It was not just Oldner who acted neglegibly.

Perhaps the most dangerous issue with the indictment is the deliberate manufacture of proof. In particular, the prosecutors changed the date on the representation of when Paxton had purportedly referred clients to Mowery. The letter in possession of the prosecutors was dated June 26, 2012. However, in their pitch to the grand jury and in the indictment, the prosecutors changed that date to July 18, 2012. Why? Because the indictment was handed down on July 7, 2015, several weeks after the statute of limitations would have run out. The prosecutors manufactured a date – and Judge Oldner allowed them to do so – and the grand jurors were misinformed about the dates. If the information was presented correctly would not have allowed for an indictment under the law. Fabricating evidence in order to defend an indictment would indicate purposeful dishonestly.

This legal persecution of Ken Paxton indicates to what length our corrupt government system will go to unseat and destroy any political opponent they deem a threat or an obstacle to their ideological goals. Every good man running for office must know that they will be a political target at any point of their career.

Pray for Ken Paxton, support him financially, and don’t let the criminals in power set a new precedence of witch-hunt on every good man running for any kind of office.

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