Ramin ParsaRamin Parsa is an ex-Muslim turned Christian pastor  who was arrested at the Mall of America in August for holding a private conversation about his Christian faith with two consenting listeners. He now faces a formal trial if the charges against him aren’t dropped.

Ramin Parsa is originally from Iran who fled his home country after converting to Christianity, as reported by PJ Media. Parsa currently lives in Los Angeles, but visited Minnesota for a trip in August and was invited by one of his hosts to see “the biggest mall in North America.”

“We went to the mall, randomly ran into some Somalis, we had a random conversation. They asked me where I’m from,” he told PJ Media. “I told them, and the conversation led to whether I was Muslim or not. I replied, ‘I used to be but I’m a Christian now.’”

During the conversation another woman who was not part of the conversation complained to the security accusing Parsa of soliciting. He dropped the conversation and went to a coffee shop with his hosts, but was again approached by security guards and got arrested.

“When we came out of the coffee shop, three guards were waiting for us, and they arrested me right there,” he said. “They came after me and arrested me, and said, ‘You cannot talk religion here.’”

The two Somali-American women with whom Parsa conversed defended him from this unjust arrest, and objected to the anti-religious bigot who complained about him.

Parsa now faces a formal trial after the judge did not dismiss the pre-trial hearing that was held on December 11. He currently serves as a pastor for Redemptive Love Ministries in Los Angeles and has become an outspoken critic of his former faith.

Parsa has retained legal aid to fight the charges, and has launched a fundraiser to help him fight this case.

“I was arrested in the liberal state of Minnesota just because I shared my conversion story with Somali Muslims at their request in a personal conversation,” Parsa recently wrote on Facebook.

To learn more about Parsa and his latest book, and to listen to his sermons please go to: https://www.raminparsa.org/

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