Persecution in America

Mary Wagner

May 1, 2019

Mary Wagner

Mary Wagner was arrested last week in Vancouver, BC, at the Everywoman’s Health Center, 2525 Commercial Dr, at about 11:15 a.m., when she and one of her fellow pro-life activists entered an abortion center with red and white roses in an attempt to speak with the pregnant mothers who were there to end the lives of their babies.

The two pro-lifers offered the abortion-minded women life-affirming alternatives. But then abortion center staff contacted the police, who later arrived and detained Wagner. Some may believe that this kind of protest (where one is frequently arrested) is futile or counterproductive.

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Mary Wagner is a pro-life activist who was first arrested on December 23, 2014 for going into an abortion clinic in Toronto and appealing with women in the waiting room not to go through with their abortions. At those abortion clinics Mary has offered roses to the pregnant women she tries to help.  She spent nearly five years in jail as a consequence of her peaceful attempts to save women from the violence of abortion.

Through her activism, Mary continues to draw worldwide attention to the destruction abortion causes to women, society, and the unborn child.

After her detention, Mary wrote a letter to her supporters from jail. In it, she explains what motivates her to continue trying to defend the unborn and their mothers from abortion.

Mary Wagner has been charged under the Criminal Code with “mischief, obstructing the lawful use of property,” as documented online at

Mary Wagner holding baby

Because Mary Wagner continuous to defy the court order to stay away from abortion clinics, she will probably remain in jail at least until her first court appearance, which is scheduled for May 1.