Judge Lynn NelsonThe West Virginia Judicial Investigation Commission issued a warning to a circuit judge in Northern West Virginia for not performing same-sex marriages in his courtroom.

Following the complaint from Fairness West Virginia, Judge Nelson said he told the commission he didn’t perform same-sex marriage ceremonies.
In response to the complaint, Nelson agreed to stop performing marriage ceremonies altogether. “It’s against my religious beliefs,” Nelson said.

Based on the Fairness West Virginia phone survey, no judges in Ritchie, Wood, Wayne or Gilmer counties perform marriage ceremonies, regardless of the genders of the people seeking to be married.

We will keep this case on close watch, as we know the LGBTQ lobby is activist at heart, and it is not far fetched to speculate that it is probably grooming its next activist same-sex couple to go straight to Judge Nelson to get married and then raise hell they get “refused service.”

Stay tuned.

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