Persecution in America

Babichenko Brothers

December 31, 2018

Gennady and Paul Babichenko have both been released from jail following a year long sentence pending trial. They are finally back reunited with their families. It's a big victory given that the prosecutors demanded they remain in jail until trial.

Gennady Babichenko

Gennady Babichenko is a senior pastor of the Morning Star Christian Church in Boise, Idaho. He is a happily married man and a father of five small children. Also, Gennady is a successful business owner of dental businesses in four states. He was falsely accused and thrown in jail on money laundering charges. All he did was provide loans to people, donate to charities, and pave the way for mission work through a few building projects, which helped poor people living in slums acquire affordable housing in Brazil.

Paul BabichenkoPaul Babichenko is a successful owner of several wireless companies. The government claims that the new, renewed and refurbished phones his business sold were counterfeit new phones. These officials, realizing their blunder are now trying to save their face from embarrassment by expanding this case to look for the smoking gun. Part of their “save my face” strategy is to keep Paul in jail. The prosecutors, in this case, are not interested in the truth; they are interested in pushing a fabricated story. Paul is also a father of five small children, with the youngest being only 6-months-old.

On the morning of August 22, 2018, around 6:40 AM, nine members of the Morning Star Christian Church, including both senior pastor Gennady Babichenko and his brother Paul, and one other member of another church, were raided in a coordinated attack by about seven government agencies. They were arrested and thrown into jail. During the raid, about 20 to 30 government agents forced their way into homes pointing guns and rifles at sleeping children, and the defendants. None of the defendants had any previous criminal record to merit such hostile and appalling treatment. The government confiscated their church building, most of their businesses, cars, homes, and any little cash inside of their homes, including their children’s savings, leaving their families and children helpless.

Based on no tangible evidence, the federal prosecutors assembled an alluring fictional tale, with an exciting plot full of twists and turns, with heroes and villains. Hollywood would find this fantastical script appropriate for their next award-winning film.

The prosecutors, having no true evidence to back up their grand claims, referred to this case as "conspiracy to defraud the US Government" by alleging that “the scope of this conspiracy is vast.” How vast? It is so vast that they are still looking for evidence to support their conspiracy.

Lies, deceit, entrapment, and fabrications, are the tools of choice that have been used to build this case against the Babichenko's, Bibikov, and Iyerusalimets families. The devil is an expert at using all the tools of deceit to accuse God's children.

At this time, Gennady, along with his brother Paul, sit in Jerome County Jail, Idaho.

With the help of greasy money from Apple and Samsung, someone inside the U.S. government, with a grudge against Russian-American Christians, decided to attack the Russian-American group of small business owners, some of whom resold new, repaired and refurbished original phones (read Even though Gennady has never sold a phone, however, since he is a successful Russian businessman and a pastor, he is dragged into this vast conspiracy and is being blamed for giving loans to his brothers, and for helping the poor in Brazil by investing in mostly low-income properties.

By weaving and fabricating false evidence, the U.S. government has brought charges that will put a dozen young parents in jail for up to 90 years each.

To expose the corruption of the government agents and officials, the Babichenko brothers have requested documents from Federal government agencies using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) under the title “Operation Haman’s Dollar.”  To follow these request and to pressure the government agencies to quickly and honestly comply, you can click on the links below.