A Baptist pastor in Spokane, Washington was arrested and jailed on Saturday after refusing to move across the street from the Public Library while exercising his right to free speech against a Drag Queen Story Hour.

Militaristic police descended upon the place, including camouflaged snipers on roof tops. The dramatic scene Washington police orchestrated is not only ludicrous but also authoritarian. This sort of theatrics coming from our government officials is about one thing, to scare Christians from exercising their freedom of speech and bully them until they all vanish underground.

Afhsin Yaghtin a pastor of New Covenant Baptist Church was arrested for refusing to leave the public library premises, which is a public property, and got charged for obstructing an officer as he contended with police that he has the right to speak adjacent to the property instead of being required to stand across the street.

Video footage posted by ChristianNews to social media shows police telling Yaghtin that if he does not support the event, he needs to stand on the other side of the street, away from the library while those defending the drag queens were permitted to be on the same side.


“This is a public library. The only event that they’ve reserved is a private room,”  “The rest of the library is U.S. property. … I have the right to free speech wherever I want to speak.”

Yaghtin argued.

Yaghtin was soon taken into custody and charged with obstructing the police, or as reports state, “trying to enter the non-designated protest area.” Yaghtin has since been released.

“May God use this for His glory and His glory alone,” Yaghtin said of his arrest on social media following his release. “God bless all my supporters and friends and those who inspire me to stand strong for the Lord Jesus by their godly example!”

According to reports, an estimated 50 children attended the event with their parents.

You can watch Afhsin Yaghtin preaching below:


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