My name is Peter Babichenko. I am a part of a Russian Christian group settled in America in the 1980’s. Our families moved to America to escape the religious persecution against us in the former Soviet Union.  

It might come as a surprise to most people, but now we are encountering persecution in America today. We believe this is the work of vindictive government agents, with possible ties to the former Soviet government. Back in Russia, the Soviet KGB agents promised to cause harm to our families for the important role our grandparents and parents played in bringing down the “iron curtain.”

Since our Russian Christian families share a Jewish heritage, throughout our history, we have consistently undergone persecution. Now, once again, our families are facing dark powers here in America.  Our case is the USA vs. Babichenko and it involves an elaborate scheme by a corrupt group of government officials, working with some in big business to achieve an evil, anti-christian agenda. These groups have schemed and fabricated a false story and brought forward criminal charges in an attempt to destroy a small Russian Christian community living peacefully in Idaho.

At this moment, the US government has seized our church property, our successful businesses, our homes, our cars, and our money.  Yes, we believe that Christian persecution in America is here.

For 30 years, our Russian Christian community led peaceful lives in the USA, serving our neighbors and the community. Most of us became proud US citizens because the United States protected us from the religious persecution we faced in the USSR. We will forever be grateful to the American people for their kindness.

No members of my family had ever been arrested or had a criminal record. We do not smoke, drink alcohol, or use drugs because we believe the Bible strictly forbids it.  We diligently paid our personal and business taxes using a highly reputable accounting firm in our state. Most members of my family received college-level education and ran successful small businesses that employed about one hundred people. Our church helped start a small non-profit classical Christian school that serves the Russian and the American community in Idaho.

Nikolay Goretoy (right)

When my grandfather Nikolay Goretoy was alive, he told my parents that we would not live in America forever, but that after a time of rest, God would lead us out of America to another country.

Stanislav Babichenko (left)

Around the year 2008, my father, who was our senior pastor, felt that he was led by God to begin preparing our families to leave America. Guided by this revelation, our family traveled to Brazil to start the tedious work of preparing a place for the Russian Christian community. Members of our family met with the Brazilian government officials and petitioned them to accept the Russian Christian community that will one day relocate to Brazil.

On the morning of August 22, 2018, at around 6:40 AM, the life of our families and our community abruptly changed. Next day after my brothers arrived back from Brazil to the United States, nine members of our small church were raided in a coordinated attack by about seven government agencies. During the raid, it was sickening to watch 20 to 30 government agents acting cowardly by pointing weapons at sleeping children. The government stole our money and our possessions.  All this in spite of the Constitutional guarantees of being innocent until proven guilty. The government took our means to pay our mortgages, utilities, and our children’s education. Banks have refused to do business with us and closed our accounts.

Babichenko Brothers who are still in jail

Gennady and Paul (currently in jail)

If it was not for some fellow Christians that helped our families, we might be living on the streets. Our families are now prisoners in America. The promise by the former KGB agents to payback our families for the role they played in the collapse of the Soviet Union seems to have been accomplished here in America.

Two of my brothers, Gennady, who is a senior pastor at Morning Star Christian Church and his youngest brother Paul, are still being held inside a US prison in Seattle, Washington.  These honest fathers and successful businessman, with no criminal record, who led a life of giving large portions of their income to the poor, are today sitting in prison based on offensive lies and fabrications by envious federal agents and their accomplices. These federal agents work for the same department that is under investigation for corruption and lies against the President of the United States. Both of my brothers have five children, with their youngest child being less than one year old.

These tactics of falsely accusing innocent Christians by the government are familiar to our parents and grandparents because they were deployed against our families in the former Soviet Union.

Sadly, the prosecutors in our case are not pursuing the truth; they are interested in pushing a fabricated story. God will punish these federal agents and organizations involved in this evil, unless they repent. Our families are standing ready to forgive the perpetrators of this injustice if they repent. The Bible condemns the action of the prosecution and says, “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous, both of them alike are an abomination to the LORD.” Proverbs 17:15.

God in whom we trust, will not let this team of prosecutors ultimately succeed in their persecution of God-fearing families.  We believe God is using this case to spread the message that the church persecution in America is coming. Christians in the United States need to prepare for this religious persecution in America.  

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