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Notre Dame Catholic professors bash pro-lifers

February 12, 2019

 A panel of professors at Notre Dame recently promoted abortion and disregarded pro-lifers as racist.

On Jan. 22, a showing of the Netflix documentary Overturning Roe was put on by the Notre Dame Gender Studies Department, the St. Mary's College Gender Studies Department and Irish 4 Reproductive Health — a student group that distributes condoms on campus.

Accompanying the viewing was a panel discussion by professors — as reported by independent student publication The Irish Rover. During that discussion, professor of Africana studies and political science Dianne Pinderhughe accused pro-lifers of wanting to control women.

"Abortion is an issue that allows for an effort to control the place of women," she said. "I'm sure you figured that out, or you wouldn't be at this event."

She continued, "Those who push so aggressively for reproduction, continued reproduction without any controls, are those who are also more likely to be in support of making sure the country stays predominantly, overwhelmingly white."

Pamela Butler, a gender studies professor at Notre Dame, had a similar assessment. She said that abortion "got politicized in a moment of a white supremacist strategy of the right wing of the Republican party to mobilize a very specific set of evangelical Christians in the United States as a base."

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