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NM bill would force doctors to perform abortions against their will

February 11, 2019

Liberal lawmakers in New Mexico are pushing for what's being called the most extreme pro-abortion law in the nation.

The radical abortion-up-to-birth bill, known as HB 51, passed the New Mexico state House of Representatives by a 40-29 vote in an attempt to keep the practice legal through all nine months of pregnancy.

The bill removes conscience protections for health care professionals who believe it is wrong to abort unborn babies without any definitive state or federal protections. In addition, the bill even gives physicians who are not licensed the right to perform abortions.

Another egregious aspect of the legislation is its gross infringement upon parental rights. Fox News reports that the bill takes away the current law's requirement of parental notification for minors.

"HB-51 is the most extreme bill in the nation because it keeps elective abortion-up-to-birth, and also seeks to force medical professionals to participate in this practice by stripping away explicit conscience protections from the current statute. This bill is a Trojan horse backed by the national abortion lobby in order to establish abortion as a human right by removing so-called 'religious refusals' and turn every hospital, clinic and doctor's office into an abortion clinic or referral center," she charged.

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