Persecution in America

New York Ends Religious Exemption to Vaccines - Russians Blamed for Spreading Anti-vaccine Message

June 15, 2019

On Thursday New York eliminated the religious exemption to vaccines for schoolchildren. The rushed mandate was pushed to supposedly curb measles outbreak in NY.

The Democrat-led Senate voted to repeal the religious exemption that allowed parents to forego getting their children vaccinated for school enrollment.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill minutes after the final vote. The law takes effect immediately but will allow unvaccinated children 30 day grace period after they enter a school before they are forced to provide a proof that they've been vaccinated.

New York is trying to lead the way, and other liberal states will follow. Washington and Oregon is also battling vaccine bills as we speak, as we reported earlier on here. Luckily in Oregon the vaccine bill (HB3063) failed to pass after a large Slavic Christian community went up-in-arms.

The Slavic Christian community in the United States at large stands systematically against vaccine bills, deeming it Soviet style enforcement designed not only to deny unvaccinated children the right to education and other public services, but also down the road setting a precedent to take children away from parents under the guise of child abuse. The measure that the New York just signed is deceptive and oppressive and will carry such dangerous ramifications down the road.

It’s often said that “in politics there’s the reason and the real reason.” That is very true with this particular measure. On the surface it is merely trying to protect children from Measles. How noble. Who could be against that? It's for the children, they say. But, after you look at the fine print you discover that it overtly takes away people's freedoms and segregates them from places and opportunities that are freely available to them today. That’s not noble; that’s authoritarian.

When the government denies its citizens opportunities and threatens to take their kids away for not injecting foreign substances into their little bodies, that begins to sound like downright medical tyranny. When you limit the rights of the individual in favor of the benefits of society, not only are the individuals harmed, but society tends to fail as well. Slavic people living under the Soviet regime will be the first to tell you this because they've seen this in a forced socialist experiment.

The U.S. media, which is lazy and does not care to do its homework anymore, branded all of those who stand against vaccines as ‘Russian Trolls’ or ‘Russian Bots’ instead of actually taking the time to learn why people stands in opposition to vaccine legislation across the country. If you read NYT’s latest hit piece titled “Russian Trolls Used Vaccine Debate to Sow Discord” or another one written by The Salem News titled “Anti-vaxxers Losing Ground” both of these propaganda pieces brushed Russians off as merely trolls and bots who are spreading Russian propaganda in the United States and causing Americans to doubt science and medicine. With the current hostile political climate in Washington toward Slavic community, due to the “Russian Collusion” false-narrative, it is, I guess, easy to see why. If you brand a group of real people, with whom you have tight political tensions in Washington, as bots and trolls, then you can smear them and blame them for all problems in America.

This kind of rhetoric sets a very dangerous precedence against all Slavic residents and generally all citizens in this country who fight any political war.