Persecution in America

"My ob/gyn tried to force me to have an unwanted baby"

February 25, 2019

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You read the title correctly.

While we are livid about the state of abortion in this country, let me remind all of us that the people on the opposite spectrum from us are just as livid and even madder that we are trying to discourage them from murdering their own children.

Read this Reddit Post as the young mother expresses her frustration about a certain clinic and pro-life group that try to dissuade her from murdering her own child. She went on Reddit -- an online news aggregator, web content rating, and discussion website -- and wrote a post venting and seeking encouragement and support from the Reddit community to abort her child. Her venting and frustration is quite telling what we are up against.

I am so livid right now. These people just DON'T STOP!

Earlier today I cancelled my next appointment and happily told them about my abortion tomorrow. And just a few hours later, the woman from the shelter called me.

Hearing the name, I'm thinking wtf, my husband doesn't abuse me. The woman started her spiel and I was very curious to hear her out. Apparently the program is to have in-home counseling, information about fetus development, etc. Basically counseling for women keeping an unwanted pregnancy.

I got very scared for tomorrow reading about the abortion, so I told my husband about it. He got really disgusted and, "didn't want me to tell him about the actual procedure, it's barbaric." So now I'm back, telling it to all of you. And I don't think he meant to sound so insensitive, this obviously affects him, too.

To any women out there who are pregnant and unsure: if your dr tells you to go to x, y, z appointment first to have the abortion, try calling an actual abortion clinic or other ob/gyn and see what they say. Don't get tricked like I did.

Edit: Thanks again to everyone for your support! I'm honestly so scared that I've been vomiting constantly all day, and have a wicked headache (no aspirin 24 hours prior to the procedure). So I may not respond right away, but I am reading every comment and you guys have really helped me to get through these past 4 days!?

I will likely be posting an update tomorrow or the day after to let you all know how it went 🙂

And as for my husband, I think I inaccurately portrayed him in a very negative way, and he's not that guy at all. He is a very supporting man; he found me at rock bottom, helped me out of the dirt and abusive relationship, and brush myself off (as a friend). If things didn't work out so well now, he would have signed off on an adoption and not shown me how much it broke his heart. This started as a wanted pregnancy, we had been trying for over a year and even went through a miscarriage last March, so I know he's as upset as I am. I'm not trying to excuse his behavior, he reacted very poorly. This is just really stressful for both of us, and I hope that in the upcoming days he can compartmentalize what happened for a bit and just be there for me.

Edit 2: As for everyone encouraging me to see a lawyer, I actually have one for a separate lawsuit. I have a meeting set for ~1 week from now and will be discussing it with him then and see where we can go from there.

I also never considered the social worker calling me to be a HIPAA violation! Thank you for pointing that out to me! I definitely never signed any consent to share info forms, and I'm one of those people that reads/skims before signing anything.

Her little post generated 1ooo's of comments and at least 10,000 likes on her behalf as the online community cheered her on to go ahead with her procedure, wishing her roses and good luck on the way to the murder factory. Let's read some of the comments:

Drop that doctor immediately and report him or her to the local license board. What your doctor did was very unprofessional and, in my mind, immoral.

Please report the doctor and good luck with your abortion. I'm glad you're making the choice that's right for you.

Good luck tomorrow! And please bury this POS doctor in a grave of litigation and shame.

Nobody on this earth can stop you from making YOUR right decision. I'm with you with all my heart, sister!

Stay strong. Be determined. Be yourself.

We are up against many evil forces on the other side who encourage and cheer-on their kind to murder their kids. The Bible says in Psalms 64:5 " They encourage themselves in an evil purpose, they talk of laying snares secretly; they say, Who will discover us?"

When people encourage each other to commit acts of evil as opposed to overlooking or not paying any attention to them, that is a new kind of evil. It is the kind of evil that eventually leads to massive Holocaust because all boundaries of shame, conscience, and and morality are broken.