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Mom gives birth, then claims she's actually father

February 19, 2019

A woman in the United Kingdom is insisting that her child be recognized as the first-ever without a legal mother, claiming she is the father.

The woman, identified only at TT, has sued the Registrar General at the High Court so that she can be “recognized” as the child’s father, or “parent,” according to the Christian Institute.

There is a legal requirement that the mother of a child be listed on the child’s birth certificate as the mother.

But the woman, who already has used the law to change her designated sex to male, objects.

She used an anonymous sperm donor to have the child. Her lawyers now are arguing it is discriminatory under the government’s “unclear and illogical” system for transgenders to require her to be listed as the mother instead of father.

That would, the lawyers claim, be “insensitive, dehumanizing and stressful.”

A ruling is expected soon from family law judge Sir Andrew McFarlane. He was informed that civil servants had considered a designation of “male mother” for the woman, but that was determined to be unworkable.

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