Persecution in America

Let My People Go

October 24, 2018

What we believe:

Judgment is coming upon America, and God will lead His remnant out of this country.

We are living in the last days. The God of the Bible loved this once great nation because it stood for truth, justice, and for the rights of the weak and oppressed.  However, the temptations of the world have turned once a devoted people away from God, towards greed. The US church system, the institution that once upheld Biblical principles and spread Gods word throughout the world, has been mostly corrupted from within by industrialists seeking only to make money. And now the church manipulates its Scripture to justify its excesses and sinful lifestyle. In Revelation 18:2, the Bible talks about America as Babylon by saying “Babylon the great has fallen, has fallen! And it has become the dwelling-place of demons, and a prison of every unclean spirit.”

More than thirty years ago, the Russian Christian including the Goretoy, Babichenko and the Bibikov family escaped the Soviet Union. Back then, God was already revealing to His prophet Nicolai Goretoy, a leader of persecuted Christian immigration movement to the US, that once we came to the United States, we would dwell here for a short period.  God revealed to Nicolai that after a short period of rest in the US, God would continue to lead His church through many countries until the time of the Anti-Christ on this earth when God will feed and protect His church for three and a half years. When we read the Bible, God tells In Zachariah 2:7 to escape from the daughter of Babylon. According to Revelation 12:6, Gods plan is to lead His church out of this country, that is called Babylon the great, because God will judge this nation, and Christians who stay behind will face severe persecution.  Throughout the Bible, we find that God protects his remnant and never allow His entire people to be destroyed.  Even though many brave Christians will stay behind and die as martyrs in this country, God will lead a portion of His people out to protect His remnant.

For the past twelve years, God has been revealing too many American and Russian Christians that this time of persecution is approaching quickly.  Already thousands of Americans have moved out of the United States guided by revelation to them from God.  About 12 years ago, God began to reveal to Stanislav Babichenko a former pastor of Morning Star Christian Church through prophecies and dreams to make preparations for an exodus of Russian Christians out of the United States.  To Stanislav, God showed Brazil as the next destination on the journey. Starting in 2008, some members of the Morning Star Christian Church begun work in Brazil, preparing a place to house emigrants that would come from the United States.

Just like at the time of Moses, a mass exodus never comes without a fierce battle.  At the time of the enslaved Israel in Egypt - Pharaoh did everything to prevent their departure. Similarly, in the Soviet Union, the government severely punished anyone involved in the movement of immigration.  Now some in the US Government are attempting to stop the emigration of thousands of Russian Christians out of this country.  Just like their predecessors, they are using a variety of tricks to blame God-fearing people of crimes they did not commit. We ask that Christians all over the United States pray first for themselves and their families and ask God to reveal to them what He has planned for their future. What will they do when the wrath of God is poured out on this nation. We need to continue to pray, fast and act to break the blockade that some in the US government have erected to prevent mass migration of Christians out of this country.   The times are changing fast, and this spiritual battle must first be won with prayer.