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Kamala Harris attacks Pence for his marital rule not to meet with women alone

March 20, 2019

Democrat presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris took a swing at Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday over old comments Pence made explaining how as a married man he practices self-limits such as not meeting alone with women other than his wife.

“I disagree with most of what the vice president stands for, when he makes decisions about our LGBTQ community in a way that doesn’t understand that they should be entitled to full equality and all rights under the law as any other American,” Harris told MSNBC, Politico reported. “I disagree with him when he suggests it’s not possible to have meetings with women alone by himself. I think that’s ridiculous — the idea that you would deny a professional woman the opportunity to have a meeting with the vice president of the United States is outrageous.”

Harris was referring to comments Pence had made in various old interviews, which resurfaced during the early months of the Trump administration, in which Pence explained that he practices the idea of “building a zone around your marriage” by avoiding situations that could risk either temptations to or simply rumors about infidelity.

Those rules include never dining alone with women other than his wife Karen, not attending events with alcohol without her, and only using male aides if he needed someone to help with after-hours work.

Pence never suggested, as Harris accused, that he would “deny a professional woman the opportunity to have a meeting,” but rather that he would simply require that another person also be in the room.

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