Persecution in America

Jury Awards San Diego City Worker $300K Because His Supervisor Evangelized to Him

July 19, 2019

The City of San Diego is paying its employee $300,000 for "religious discrimination" he faced from a deputy director of the City’s Archives and Records Management Department. The tax payers are stuck with a $300K bill.

Rasean Johnson, who is considered a discriminated victim in this case, claims that his boss Sheila Beale "forced" her religious beliefs on him.

The issue, I think, comes down to how the word "force" in "supervisors should not force their religious beliefs on subordinates" is defined. Forcing or pushing someone to do something is vastly different from sharing ones beliefs. The deputy director in question did not force anything upon Rasea, but merely shared her views and beliefs.

PJ Media further reports that -- Johnson was not discriminated against because his supervisor shared her belief that Christians don't support same-sex marriage with him. If that is religious harassment, then the reverse is true, too. LGBTQ activists are not allowed to criticize Christian co-workers for opposing same-sex marriage. In a similar vein, this ruling also means that atheists are not allowed to express that they believe their Christian co-workers are wasting their time by going to church.

We live in a society when any mention of God or the Bible is considered harassment or discrimination. Christians have become an easy target to any kind of activism. If you don't like what your Christian worker or boss is saying or believes, you can complain and pretend that your feelings are hurt when the word "sin" is mentioned, and the woke society agrees you've been victimized in the process and the Christian must pay the price for his discriminatory beliefs.

Get ready. Persecution of Christians is growing in America. Stay in God's Word, and stay faithful to the end.