Persecution in America

Shocking Video: The FBI in a Hot Air Business?

April 19, 2019

Can corrupt people investigate corruption? Can the unjust pursue justice?  I know that corrupt pursue agendas that on the surface may seem like justice, but at the root they are rotten. Take for example the investigation of President Trump by the FBI. Did the FBI initiate the Russian collusion investigation based on solid evidence, or did they first paint their narrative that fits their hidden agenda and then attempted to put together “evidence."  It seems that by first convincing themselves that there was collusion, the FBI had to then tirelessly search for evidence to fit their narrative and to justify the millions of dollars spent chasing hot air.  It was painful to observe the desperation the investigators had to endure to try and whip up evidence. Unfortunately for them, their experience of fitting together pieces that naturally do not fit, could not make this Russian collusion puzzle stick together and create a cohesive image that people would believe. Mr. Trump is a powerful man with many friends in high places, and shockingly he barely survived the fake attack.

Are we to believe this is the first and the only time the FBI started their investigation by first painting a baseless picture and then fishing for so-called evidence? Is this the first time the FBI attempted to fabricate evidence to prove their story?  It seems that this is the corporate culture inside these agencies, starting from the leadership and permeating every department within these organizations.  Why not continue to use deceitful tactics that had a history of high success? Mr. Trump with the help of his powerful friends, survived this vicious attack, but how about for the average Joe that does not have the funds and connections to fight against this system of corruption? Well we know what happens to them, they are today sitting in the US prisons.

So how do our Federal agents go about fabricating evidence?  I think our current US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo might give us some insights (Watch the Video).


With these kinds of leaders of impeccable character, no wonder the stories these departments spew out are offensive to every American that has common sense. Folks, if the FBI and other Federal departments brought a corrupt investigation against the most powerful men in the world, the President of the United States, are we then to believe that these same individuals do not follow similar tactics against other US citizens? How many people has the FBI, with the help of the courts, falsely convicted, using the tactics of fabrication used against President Trump?

Dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of decent US citizens are today sitting in US prisons, victims of the same corrupt behavior of these Federal agencies.  A perfect example of this is Gennady and Paul Babichenko. Today these great men are sitting in the Seattle Federal Prison on bogus and fabricated charges. These model citizens, with beautiful families that love each other, were mercilessly torn apart from their children and are now held in prisons by these corrupt officials.  Is it the jealousy these officials have toward the good and decent citizens that had darkened their vision?

Millions of taxpayer dollars have been squandered on prosecuting bogus cases, such as the US vs. Babichenko.  In the US vs. Babichenko, these Federal investigators have put together a massive amount of evidence, resulting in a hot air balloon of such size and proportion, that when it finally blows up, the shock waves will probably be felt around the globe. Thus today, these prosecutors and federal investigators are holding on for dear life, with outstretched arms and voices screaming bloody murder, to the ginormous hot air balloon they created. Naturally, they fear the consequences once the balloon blows up.

Unfortunately today, the casualties of these erroneous investigations are the innocent families, and the US taxpayers who are watching their hard earned money squandered on investigations that are driven by, borrowing the words of the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, of the professionally trained liars, thieves, and cheaters.

When will the American people tell their government officials that they had enough of this nonsense, and try to take back their country? When will we demand that these agencies go through a thorough refurbishing process? To change the culture inside these agencies, it is not enough to replace a few people at the top. It requires a thorough cleanup, starting from the leadership and going down to every department. It requires the change in philosophy within their training centers that will put a stop to training professional liars, cheats, and thieves, but train honest agents of virtue and high moral character, that will pursue justice.