Persecution in America

I'm Pro-Life - Change my Mind

March 7, 2019

An important debate on college campus between Steven Crowder and a young female student who has had an abortion for the sake of career.

Steven Crowder is a well know conservative commentator who visits college campuses to have real conversations with everyday college students on hot-button issues. In this installment, he addresses the ever-controversial topic of abortion.

Allowing abortions for convenience leads to a relaxed sexual culture which leads to more unwanted pregnancies. Publicly funding abortions makes them encouraged. The young student makes a claim during the debate that abstinence and contraception are unrealistic... If abortions were illegal, would that still be her claim?

Make no mistake right now the student believes she has dogged a bullet and her life can now be whole with a great future ahead because she has gotten free of the baggage she carried. But one day she will face the consequences of her decision all on her own. Right now she is trying to justify what she did because she cant bare the thought of what her decision really was. She already has regret or she would not be defending it. She is desperate for relief of the guilt she has inside her because there exists conscience in all of us, that unless hushed or "shouted down" it never stops drilling.