Persecution in America

Hundreds of Slavic Christian Immigrants Descended on Olympia, WA to Protest Harmful Bills Aimed at Children

April 4, 2019

Hundreds of Slavic Christian immigrants along with other American Christian groups descended on Olympia Washington on Monday, to protest harmful bills aimed at children.

Washington State is advancing a few devastating anti-christian bills -- SB 5395 and SB 5689 -- and the Slavic Christian community, comprised mostly of Russians and Ukrainians, has become furious after it learned what's in those radical progressive bills, and this time decided not to sit idly on the sidelines.

Protesting Deadly progressive anti-christian legislation in Olympia WashingtonIt is rare, if ever, that you hear or see Slavic immigrant citizens protesting about anything in the United States. Up to now they kept political discretion, voiced their frustrations at the ballot box, and moved on. Recently they've been noticing a shift towards communism and a subversive rapid immoral degradation happening in the United States, especially in the ultra-liberal states such as Washington and Oregon. So, a group of Russian citizens residing in Washington got up from their seats and went down to Olympia to protest the swift legislative Trojan Horse flying through the senate floor. The Slavic evangelical immigrants who have had direct experience with communist tyranny, censorship, and indoctrination are especially sensitive to them. After all that is exactly why they fled the Soviet regime. Lethal form of indoctrination of children and separation of children from parents who taught them otherwise was common in the former Soviet Union.

Bill SB 5395 which targets the health curriculum in Washington schools, gives our liberal educators the power to indoctrinate children starting in Kindergarten on their reprobate beliefs about sex, gender, abortion, family, religion, and morality. Gender Disorder, historically a serious delusion and mental illnesses until seven years ago, is now considered normal behavior where school children will be encouraged to undergo irreversible genital mutilation.

SB 5395 is designed to be inclusive of all gender identities, gender expression and sexual orientations. Another word it is designed to teach our children sexual perversion, and to sexualize our children in the early age so that they may began to question their gender identity. Even the words relating to “men” and “women” have been replaced by the many gender categories. Soon, just calling men and women what they are and using the related pronouns will be considered a firing offense or hate crime in Washington.

Planned Parenthood, the largest US abortion clinic, dutifully came out backing SB 5395 after Mark Miloscia, an outspoken social conservative and abortion opponent who kept a tight lid on PP, was ousted in the 2018 election. Elections have consequences and this is the result of that election. Planned Parenthood strongly argued on behalf of this bill insisting that sexual education should begin at a young age.

Bill SB 5689 singles out and promotes protection for transgender students from being bullied; no group deserves special treatment. This legislation would provide preferential treatment to one group of people over the others.

Sexual indoctrination is an attack on parental rights, family, marriage, and children’s souls. Christians should not to sit on the sidelines but must become proactive in fighting these toxic legislation. They must hold the line if they are to save their children.

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