Persecution in America

GOP Lawmakers Move to Stop Dr's from Tossing Breathing Babies in the Garbage

April 2, 2019

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise is pushing forward with legislation that would save the lives of babies born after a botched abortion.

The Louisiana Republican said, “All the Democrats who ran saying they were pro-life, this is going to be the true test.”

Scalise and US Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO) are introducing a discharge petition next week that would force a vote on the Born Alive Survivors Protection Act.

The measure would give legal protection to infants who are born alive after a botched abortion.

House Democrats have blocked requests to pass the bill by unanimous consent 20 times.

With the infanticide debate and late-term abortion-up-till-birth laws threatening the lives of viable babies, critics say current federal policies do not sufficiently protect babies who are born alive following an attempted abortion.

As CBN News reported, The Heritage Foundation took a closer look at statistical evidence from just four states that prove dozens of infants manage to outlive lethal terminations every year:

Florida reported that in 2017, 11 infants were born alive following an abortion, and six were born alive in 2018. Florida law includes protections for born-alive babies.
Arizona reported that in 2017, 10 fetuses or embryos were delivered alive following an abortion. Arizona law includes protections for born-alive infants.
Minnesota reported that in 2017, three babies were born alive following an abortion. Minnesota law includes protections for born-alive infants.
Oklahoma’s 2017 report includes a section tallying infants born alive, but the information is ‘suppressed to maintain confidentiality,’ indicating that at minimum one infant was born alive following an abortion.” “There are babies being born alive and then ultimately murdered,” Scalise said at a press conference outside of the Capitol building recently.

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