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GLAAD: Hollywood not gay enough, needs to be 50% by 2024

January 2, 2019

Liberal advocacy group GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) has lashed out at Hollywood studios for doing a horrible job of ensuring that lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual characters are better and need to be more often represented in their films. While most Americans believe that Hollywood produces way too much in-your-face homosexual propaganda, the radicals on the left seem to think that Hollywood is not doing enough. Featuring the homosexual lifestyle of 2% of the American populations inside 13% of all the movies is not enough for the left.

Glaad has come out with its annual Studio Responsibility Index for 2018. What the report does is analyze the output of the seven major Hollywood studios for the previous year and serves "as a road map toward increasing fair, accurate and inclusive LGBTQ representation in films”. In 2017, GLAAD found out that there was a significant drop in LBGTQ representation in films from the previous year, and this did not bode well with their agenda of drowning our culture in unhealthy lifestyle and immorality.

Variety stated that “The annual report is intended to pressure top movie studios to feature more LGBTQ characters and in more meaningful ways." GlAAD president Sarah Kate Ellis also stated that 20% of studio films should meet their target to include LGBTQ characters by 2021 and 50% by 2024.

Sarah Kate Ellis wants 2% of the population of America represented in 50% of Hollywood films.  Will Hollywood ignore this report? Will it respond by saying they are already ramming the LGBTQ agenda at maximum capacity down their viewers' throats?  No folks, Hollywood will treat this report as a serious indictment against itself. It will feel embarrassed that it is not doing enough to be more diverse and inclusive, and it will gladly rectify its error in the next set of programming. Stay tuned.

It is time for every Christian to #Walkaway from Hollywood. Walking away does not mean to cut down on Hollywood consumption and try to be more strict and clever in your movie choices. No, it means to cut the cable and to stop going to the movie theaters. Why feed the beast from the mouth of which comes blasphemy and sewage? Just like Moses led his people out of Egypt, we must also go through our own EXODUS. It is not easy to abandon Egypt because Egypt is alluring and entertaining. But if you wish to live by Biblical principles and save your families, you must abandon Egypt. Exodus means walking away from Hollywood and all the filth it produces. It means to reexamine your entertainment values, and cut-off all the branches that do not produce any fruit for the Lord. It means to turn to God and turn to his Word.