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Franklin Graham Tells Catholic Leaders to 'Take a Moral Stand' Against Cuomo Over Abortion Law

January 29, 2019

Evangelist Franklin Graham is calling on Catholic leaders to "take a moral stand" in light of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's (D) decision to sign a new law that removes restrictions on late-term abortions and allows babies to be aborted up until the moment of birth.

Cuomo says he is Catholic but came under fire from church leaders after he signed the abortion law. Some even called for Cuomo's excommunication from the faith.

Graham, however, urged the archbishop to stand firm.

"I call on my friend Cardinal Dolan to take a moral stand. Whether it moves the governor's calloused heart or not, it will have a great impact on not only the church in New York, but on the church worldwide. My question would be—if the church loses their moral voice, then what's the use? It's about standing for right over wrong, good over evil," Graham wrote Tuesday on Facebook.
New York's Catholic Bishops sent an open letter to Gov. Cuomo, expressing their disbelief and horror over the law.

"Our governor and legislative leaders hail this new abortion law as progress. This is not progress. Progress will be achieved when our laws and our culture once again value and respect each unrepeatable gift of human life, from the first moment of creation to natural death," the Catholic Bishops' letter reads.

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