Persecution in America

Franklin Graham defends Trump from 'vicious' media

December 26, 2018

Rev. Franklin Graham is defending President Donald Trump against the latest “vicious” and “sickening” attacks he received from the mainstream media during the government shutdown this Christmas over the United States-Mexico border wall.

The latest attacks on Trump revolve around his resolution to not give up until Democrats give him the money he has requested to build a continuous 2,000-mile wall along the United States-Mexico border to save the economy and for Americans’ safety.

All of the turmoil in Washington is going down as Democrats embrace the attitude of Sen. Church Schumer (D-N.Y.), who promised colleagues on the Senate floor that those in his party will never work to support Trump’s proposed plans to secure America’s southern border.

How should Christians react? If Jesus was physically in the US today, what would He do?

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