Persecution in America

Feminist Activist performs watermelon abortion at a liberal convention

July 15, 2019

Abortion-rights activist participating in the Netroots Nation convention Friday used a watermelon to demonstrate how easy and simple an early abortion procedure is.

A small, round watermelon was the stand-in for a woman’s uterus and the red watermelon fruit played the role of the human embryo.

“This is a uterus, which is freakishly large for a uterus. This would be the cervix” said abortion clinic consultant Jen Moore Conrow, "Thank You For Watching Our Abortion." she later concluded.

Just when you think you’ve seen every disgusting thing from the left, they go and outdo themselves.


The Democratic Netroots Nation Conference in Philadelphia is a left wing radical conference dealing with all things communist and totalitarian.  The abortion activists in this conference glorified the abortion procedure. When the the procedure was done the demonstrators cheerfully proclaimed “That’s the whole shebang!” To them it was such a success that during a later panel at the conference, they had the procedure performed again.

The panelists sold the procedure as “basic healthcare” and “easy to do.”

It is interesting how they can preform an abortion without even thinking about the fact that’s they are taking a human life. To them it's like cutting a watermellon, simple, easy, done.

Someone has rightfully commented "These women suffer from Sadistic Disorder (taking pleasure in the suffering of other human beings)."