Persecution in America

#ExposeChristianSchools: Left Lash Out in Response to Pence's Support for Christian Education

January 19, 2019

Now the devil is attacking Christian schools with force not yet seen. Christian schools are the only places today where parents may shield their children from the influence of an evil ideology of homosexuality, transgenderism, premarital sex, witchcraft, drug abuse, and abortion.  Most Christian schools are run by honest God fearing administrators and teachers, who in light of no funding from our government are doing a remarkable job on a much smaller budget.  Schools are not money-making businesses, in fact, in most circumstances, they are significantly underfunded and require the administration, board members and teachers to volunteer or accept significantly reduced pay. Most Christians that work inside these schools do it from missionary ideology, as a labor of Love in the name of Jesus.

It is no surprise that the #ExposeChristianSchools movement gets its boost from traitors from within.  These traitors share in the spirit of Judas, who in hordes are now tweeting their fake grievances against the schools they've attended. We are also observing the next step in the cleansing of Christians from this land.  The progressives goal is clear, get rid of any traces of opposition in the next generation of Christians.  This sinful lifestyle is required for the Anti-Christ to come to power.

PJ media reports that "in the aftermath of the news that second lady Karen Pence teaches at a Christian school that holds to traditional Christian beliefs, the left went mad. Among other things, Karen Pence was called a monster and condemned as unworthy to teach children. Vice President Pence quickly rose to not only his wife's defense but to the defense of the right of Christian schools to teach Christian beliefs. Of course, the liberal left could not tolerate Christians teaching traditional Christian beliefs, and the new McCarthyism has swung back into gear."

The tweets "exposing Christian schools" are predictable. Running the gamut from "Christian schools hate LGBTQ folks" to "Christian schools are anti-science," the hashtag trend has set the Twitterverse on fire.