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Dobson: N.Y. adopts pure barbarism rarely seen since Middle Ages

January 26, 2019

A new abortion law passed by New York’s Democratic-led state legislature and signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo permits abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, up to the very moment of birth, for almost any reason.

Conservative Christian author, radio broadcaster and family counselor Dr. James Dobson is calling it “pure barbarism on a scale rarely seen since the Middle Ages.”

“It is not overstating the matter to say I am horrified by the New York State Senate’s vote to pass the euphemistic Reproductive Health Act (RHA). This bill is not about reproductive health at all. It is pure barbarism on a scale rarely seen since the Middle Ages,” he said.

He said New York already was considered the abortion capital of the nation, but this bill “also allows non-physicians to commit abortions, and decriminalizes abortion by moving it from the criminal code to the public-health code.”

“New York is symbolically doubling-down on the killing of the unborn on the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, casting an even darker shadow on a date already shrouded in tragedy and the loss of innocent life,” he said.

“Make no mistake, these two setbacks only serve to further focus and energize our movement. I urge all pro-life Americans to call, write, and email your representatives and remind them that the majority of us in this country want the exact opposite of the RHA, a reduction — not an expansion — of abortion.

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